Halloween thrills!

Hundreds of witches, superheros, zombies and princesses came from all corners of Aurora, descending on our ‘Halloween Hub’ outside the Sales Office for the Scout-run spook-tacular!  It was an unusually steamy night for this time of year and our ice cream vans, Rainbow Gelato and Dipping Dots had plenty of customers.

Smiling little faces delighted in scaring each other, making new friends, filling their lolly bags and making some ‘ghost’ lollipops. Even some of bigger kids (adults) got in on the action, flaunting their impressive makeup application skills! We have always been able to count on the Wollert CFA to support our community events and Halloween was no exception. Our volunteer firefighters showed our little monsters around the fire truck and were on-hand to demonstrate the hoses and cool a few of us down!  

Next stop – the Trick or Treating trail!  Plenty of the builders in the display village were excited to get on board and hosted trick or treat stops along the path.  We also had lots of lovely residents who decorated their homes for little ghouls visiting near Treetops park. Parents and children were so thankful for all the fun – you could feel the community spirit in the air!  A staggering 250kg of lollies were given out on this trail.  We’re pretty sure the kids are still on sugar highs!

Huge congratulations go to the Epping North Scouts. The Scouts spent so much time planning the event, organising decorations, reaching out to the community for assistance and running the evening. On top of that, Scouts cooked more than 200 sausages and veggie burgers and coordinated the craft activity!  What an amazing team - thank you!

If you, your child or someone you know wants to have more adventures with Scouts, please visit https://scoutsvictoria.com.au