It’s time to meet the Melbourne Market


Melbourne Market building


Did you know the main distributor for Melbourne’s fruit, vegetables and cut flowers is only around a 10-minute drive from Aurora? The Melbourne Market is the central distribution point for 4,000 businesses around Victoria.

Located at 55 Produce Drive, Epping, the market boasts a 12,500 square metre fruit and vegetable trading floor, which has the capacity for 330 stands. Separate to this trading floor is the wholesale flower market; since Victoria produces around 40% of the national market for cut flowers, the market is vital for flower growers and sellers all around the state. 

It’s estimated that the Melbourne Market has about $2 billion worth of produce pass through it every year. The economy-boosting market has employment vacancies available occasionally and these openings present a great opportunity for Aurora residents, due to the market’s close proximity. To learn more about the Melbourne Market and for employment availabilities, visit the Melbourne Market website.

The Wholesale Flower Warehouse isn’t open to the general public, but you can book tours to experience it.