Costco Epping – your local solution for buying in bulk


Costco store


Need a one-stop shop for all of your home’s needs? From food to furniture, sporting goods to appliances and party supplies to electronics, Costco is your local solution for buying in bulk. And the best part? Melbourne’s newest Costco in Epping is only around a 10-minute drive from Aurora, located at 60 Deveny Road, Epping! 

Not only does Costco sell a vast range of household and food items, the large 13,788 square metre warehouse also offers optical and audiology services, vehicle and tyre services and even features an in-store cafeteria. 

Since Costco is a warehouse club, it requires shoppers to sign up for a membership, which costs  $60 a year. For more information on what the memberships includes and to become a part of the Costco club, visit the Costco website

Costco also offers a range of local employment opportunities in each of its departments. Epping Costco employs over 300 people, which has given a huge boost to the economy in the local area. If a career in retail is something you’re interested in, you may like to keep up-to-date with vacancies by visiting the Costco careers page, and refine your search to ‘Melbourne – North’ for availabilities near Aurora. 

If you’re hosting a party or simply looking to save some cash by buying in bulk, you know where to go!