The Sprout Hub is a temporary community space for Aurora residents and the local community to meet up and participate in community led activities in our neighbourhood. Opened in 2017, Sprout Hub has been visited by over 12,000 people, and has supported the delivery of 156 community activities – 50% of these were community led! 

The Sprout Seedling Fund has now granted nearly $10,000 to support five local groups deliver programs and activities in the local community that focus on participation, fun, and learning new skills. The Seedling Fund is a community led fund - 10c in every dollar spent at Sprout goes into the fund for groups to access, and the community decide where the money goes. The more you put in, the greater the benefit to the local groups and clubs who are the heart and soul of our community. Winners of past Seedling Fund includes: Epping Scouts, Epping CFA, Boomerang Bags, Coder Dojo and Khalsa Education Society.

If you would like to run an activity at Sprout, or participate in any of our programs, please contact us at https://www.facebook.com/sprouthubaurora/