Aurora’s Wurunjderi Heritage

Aurora's Wurundjeri Heritage

In recognition of National Reconciliation Week, Aurora has launched the Our Aurora schools program.

On May 21 Lendlease Communities proudly partnered with the Wurundjeri and SHP (a heritage interpretation consultancy) at Harvest Home Primary School to start the Our Aurora schools program. The program aims to raise student awareness about our shared history with the Indigenous people and traditional owners of land in Aurora and cultivate a sense of importance and responsibility in young people about their role in caring for their country now and into the future.

Throughout the school term, approximately 80 Grade 5 and 6 students will participate in an engaging and interactive curriculum of lessons and art classes to expose them to Wurundjeri ways of life. At the launch, Wurundjeri Tribal Land Council Educator, Rebecca Axford, introduced the children to ideas of “country” and The Dreaming. The students then explored how these concepts relate to them now, as residents of Aurora.

The Our Aurora schools program is part of the larger Our Aurora interpretation project. This involves ensuring that the physical spaces in Aurora are designed and built to preserve and maintain Indigenous history, culture and significance for Aurora’s new residents to learn about and appreciate. Eventually Our Aurora will be a project that will be implemented across 5 local schools in Aurora as well as within the larger community.

The Our Aurora program strives to change the current cultural narrative by showing respect for Indigenous history and culture and educating the Aurora community about the presence of the Wurundjeri in our every day lives.

Our Aurora is an essential and critical part of the entire Aurora development and Lendlease is proud to be taking an industry leadership role in incorporating this cultural sensitivity into its masterplanned community.

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