How To Design Your Roof

How To Design Your Roof

The roof of your new forever home is more than just a structure to keep out the rain. It adds to the overall look and feel of your house and how it fits into the neighbourhood so it is important to get the design right. Here are some handy building tips for designing the perfect roof form.

In general, to ensure consistency in architectural aesthetic for the entire Aurora community, it is recommended that your roof hips or gables be at a pitch (steepness) of at least 22 degrees.

If you opt for a skillion roof (a roof with one single, flat surface) instead of a hip roof (a roof where at least two sides meet at the ridge or peak in the middle of the house and slope down towards the walls) then the pitch of your roof must be between 7 and 15 degrees.

When you are using a skillion roof it is also good design practice to opt for a counterpointed skillion roof over the garage (a roof that is sloping in the opposite direction to the main house roof) to provide a sense of balance. Similarly, any roofing structure over the entry area should also be counterpointed or sloping in the opposite direction to the main house roof.

It is possible to also use other roof types that are not a hip roof or a skillion if your roof form complements the architectural intent of your house and will also be a positive addition to the overall Aurora community streetscape.