The Benefits of Living in a Terraced House

terrace houses

Terraced townhouses offer an affordable and low maintenance lifestyle with all the benefits of being in the Aurora community. Whether you buy it as your first property investment, use it to downsize from a large family home or you just prefer home to be easy and compact, a terraced house may be perfect for you.

By their very nature, terraced houses are a stress-free property choice that allow you all the flexibility of owning your own home without carrying the burden of an unrealistic mortgage or being required to invest too much daily maintenance. Because they sit on a smaller footprint, there are less gardens to look after, less floorspaces to clean and they can be an ideal entry point for those who can’t afford a multi bedroom family mansion.

Unlike purchasing a flat or apartment, a terrace house in Aurora is still a house – meaning you will own the freehold without having to deal with body corporates or shared communal spaces on your property. All your gardens, staircases and courtyards will be yours alone to enjoy. But when you want to be part of the Aurora community, simply exit your front door and the hectares of well maintained parklands and open spaces are there to be enjoyed with your neighbours. (And you don’t have to mow any of those lawns or water any of those gardens!)

Once you return back home, you can be assured of your own peace and quiet. Generally, terraced homes also offer more privacy than a single storey house as the bedrooms are removed from the common spaces. Having the bedrooms upstairs means that when you have guests come to visit, you don’t have to worry that the kids have left their toys on the floor because that part of the house is on an entire other level.

Compact, low consumption living is more than a passing trend – these days it is a lifestyle choice that is essential to reducing our landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. Opting for a terrace home in Aurora is a foolproof way to ensure you are doing your part in only purchasing and using what you can accommodate – no messy clutter here.

Happily the Aurora community has terraced lot options available so that you can still gain the benefits of all the childcare, schools, retail and parks and walking trails but with less cleaning, chores and mortgage worries.