Check Out Your Neighbourhood


Check Out Your Neighbourhood Aurora


When buying your new home, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of what your dream house is going to look like. But it is just as important to focus on what’s in the neighbourhood around you as well.

The community you join will determine the lifestyle that you lead so location, location, location is an essential thing to consider in your purchasing decision.

For instance, who will your neighbours be? Are there places for you to hang out that are close to home? And how easy or hard will it be to live day-to-day in your new neighbourhood?

Luckily for the Aurora community, much of this is taken care of. Because Aurora is a masterplanned community designed by industry professionals, you know that all the amenities have already been set up to ensure your transition is made a smooth as possible.

Aurora is a community that has been specifically created to cater for young families. Everything that you need is right here.

Aurora will have two town centres including the brand new Aurora Village. These will include supermarkets, specialty food stores, retailers, a medical centre and a 24/7 gym to take care of everyone in the family.

For the kids there is a childcare centre as well as two primary schools and a high school right in Aurora proper. Almost a quarter of Aurora is also dedicated to parklands, localised adventure playgrounds, tennis courts, football ovals and soccer pitches.

Aurora is located only 25 kilometres from Melbourne so it is a short and easy commute to the city with easy access to the Hume Freeway or via train.

Plus there are community design guidelines to ensure that all houses meet a standard of tidiness and appearance to keep the entire neighbourhood a pleasant place to live when you get home from work.

As a place set up to attract like minded families, Aurora is guaranteed to be a neighbourhood of people who want to immerse themselves in and care for their community.