How to make your home fair-trade and sustainable


How to make your home fair trade


Now Spring is here, you may be thinking about matching your home with the weather – it’s time to lighten up. If you’ve never considered fair-trade and sustainable home-ware pieces, be inspired with some ideas on how to transform your home with basic and lux items that reflect your personal style. Not only is it better for the environment, you’ll also be supporting local and international communities with positive and direct impact.

What’s the difference between fair trade and sustainable pieces? Fair-trade means a trading partnership between companies and producers in developing countries with fair prices to producers. For example, when you’re relaxing with your Nespresso and book, you know the textile wall hanging is made by a community town in Argentina, the handmade woven basket in the corner is made in Vietnam, the glazed ceramic pots on your table are made in Bangladesh next to the watermelon red tray made in Haiti. Australian fair trade homeware and styling brands include Change Merchants, Southwood Home, Oxfam, Issara, The Dharma Door, Nkuku and Kalahari.

Sustainable pieces mean living within resources of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future. If you’re interested in sustainability, it may be the wood barrel side table that catches your attention, the indoor plant fabric hangers, or the saucer-like recycled glass vase. Australian sustainable home-ware and styling brands include Bandhini Homeware Design, Pampa, Impact Eco Tableware, Uniqwa, Jasper & Eve, Eco chic, Aramadillo&Co and Queen B.

Changes don’t need to be drastic or costly, however they can make a different difference. It takes each of us to help all of us. 

Image sourced from: Uniqwa Furniture