Aurora Land Sales by Ballot

Ballot Flow Chart

Aurora are proud to offer you a land release by ballot process.

The ballot method ensures every customer has an equal opportunity to purchase their preferred lot. This type of release eliminates the need to queue or camp out for days before the land is released. A ballot is the safest and fairest method of selling to our customers.

The ballot process:


  • Aurora will send you an email advising when new land is to about to be released. This is usually sent between 1 and 3 weeks before the land release date.

Registering on Release Day

  • On the release day, you must attend the Sales and Information Centre and register for the ballot.
  • Buyers must be present at the Sales and Information Centre; no phone registrations will be taken.
  • To register for the ballot you must complete a registration form.
  • If you or your family wish to purchase one lot you may only fill in one registration form for the ballot.
  • The person registering for the ballot will be required to present identification and must be the same person (or people) signing the sales contract. If the purchaser is unable to attend they may select a person to be their representative. The representative must provide a licence for the purchaser they are representing.
  • The registrations are only open for a specified time on the day of the release. Strictly no registrations will be taken after the advertised closing time.
  • When you submit your registration form your details will be recorded to ensure there are no duplicate registrations.
  • When your registration is recorded you will be given a number. This is your number for the ballot. Any found duplicates will be removed from the ballot.

Ballot Draw

  • Numbers will be drawn from the ballot. If your number is selected, you can select which lot you would like to purchase from the land release.
  • If your registration number is drawn and your preferred lot is already allocated, you can choose another lot or you can choose not to proceed.
  • The ballot will continue until all lots are allocated or all registrations are called.

Deposit Payment 10%

  • Once you have selected your lot you are required to pay a holding deposit of $3,000. Strictly no cash payments.
  • The balance of the 10% deposit is to be paid at contract signing.
  • Deposit payment can be made via electronic bank transfer or with a VISA or MASTERCARD.
    Please check your daily transaction limits with your bank to increase daily spending limit. Proof of payment via EFT must be shown via authorised banking institute.

Sales Contract Signing

  • Sales contract signings are to occur within 7 days of the deposit being paid. If contracts are not signed within 7 days and you have not received an extension to sign from Lendlease your holding deposit will be cancelled and deposit will be refunded via cheque within 21 days.
  • You will be required to make an appointment for contract signing at the time of paying your deposit.
  • Most importantly, we’re here to help you and guide you through the process. For more information about the ballot process please contact the Aurora Sales & Information Centre on 1800 859 217.