Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis

A magnificent natural phenomenon has just returned to Australia. The Aurora Australis was recently spotted in the skies above Victoria and Tasmania on May 29 – a spectacle which only happens at its peak roughly every 11 years.

Also known as the Southern Lights, the Aurora Australis is a multicoloured glow that occurs in the night sky giving off the appearance of dancing lights steaking across the stars. The Aurora Australis can be green, blue or even red and this one was the result of a strong geomagnetic storm, says The Examiner newspaper.

The Aurora Australis is such a wondrous sight that it inspired the Aurora Entry Statement – the architecturally designed play structure at the Aurora community’s entrance. Designers Spiire (a multidisciplinary design company that specials in sustainable developments) had the Southern Lights firmly in mind when they were creating the 6 metre high, 22 metre wide structure. The movement of the night sky contributed to design of the silhouette and shapes chosen in the structure. And the playground actually glows at night – the swings absorbs solar rays and emit them as fluorescent at night and there is also a light display within the Entry Statement.