Diamond Interchange Construction Imminent


OHerns Road Interchange


The Aurora community is about to see a huge change in traffic conditions as the much anticipated “diamond interchange” that will connect O’Herns Road with the Hume Freeway begins construction in June/July.

According to the Northern Star Weekly, the upgrade includes “on/off ramps at the Hume Freeway at O’Herns Road at Epping North, duplication of 1.4 kilometres of O’Herns Road east of the interchange, extra lanes of the Hume Freeway between O’Herns Road and Cooper Street, and traffic lights to replace the roundabout at High Street, O’Herns, Findon and Epping roads.”

The Vic Roads website says that the project will occur in two stages with the O’Herns Road and High Street roundabout replaced first. This will begin in June or July 2017.

Stage 2 involves duplicating O’Herns Road into four lanes and building the new interchange with merger lanes to entry and exit points on the Hume Freeway. Stage 2 will begin in early 2018.

The diamond interchange has been achieved as the direct result of lobbying by local interest groups and the City of Whittlesea. In 2015 The Victorian State Government pledged $40.7 million to upgrade this network of roads.

In November 2016 Darren Chester, Federal Transport Minister, announced that the O’Herns Road Interchange Project would be included as part of a pledged $3 billion Victorian Infrastructure Package.

The slated changes are expected to result in significant increase in traffic flow into and out of the area which will reduce congestion on Cooper Street, Miller Street and High Street and allow for safer conditions for all drivers.