Recycling Water in Aurora


Did you know that recycled water is available for all new homes in Lendlease communities? This green initiative is a fantastic way for residents to save on water usage and assists with sustainability of our water sources especially in times of drought.

If you’ve seen the purple pipes around your community, then you know that more recycled water lines are being laid down in your neighbourhood for use in toilets, watering gardens and washing your laundry.

Don’t worry, the process is perfectly safe and recycled water is not used for the drinking water in your kitchen. Drinking water is treated to meet quality standards to ensure it is safe to drink.

How it works is that the water is initially captured and sent to a local treatment plant where it is filtered and tested. This is what is sent out to homes as drinking water.

Once that water washes down your sink, this wastewater is then piped to a plant for further treatment before it is sent back to your home for you to use in your laundry, bathroom and garden.

That means that recycled water, although not meant for human consumption, is also quality tested for safety for use in the home. It is also used for common shared areas in the community such as watering parklands and running fountains.

The Lendlease communities have been specifically designed with maximising recycled water usage in mind.

The entire Aurora community will be irrigated using recycled water so no precious drinking water is wasted.

So now when you flush your toilet or water your grass you know that you are helping the environment in your local community.