Glow in the Dark Playground Coming to Aurora

Aurora Entrance

Have you seen the construction going on at the Edgars Road entrance to Aurora?


Not only is this going to an impressive artistic display to welcome you every time you come home, it also doubles as a playground with swings that glow in the dark! Around the edge of the playground are LED lights that will also put on colourful light show displays at night which makes for a fun and free activity to do with the kids after dinnertime.

How does it work?

The paint on the swings absorbs the sun’s energy and then emits it as a fluorescent glow when the sun goes down. And the source of the light display comes from the batteries that store the solar power captured from the roof of the playground throughout the day. 

This impressive architectural construction actually has a name – Aurora Entry Statement – and was created by Spiire (a multidisciplinary design company that specials in sustainable developments). The look and feel of it was inspired by the community’s namesake – the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights night sky.

As well as the huge 6 metre high, 22 metre wide structure that the kids will love to climb over and run around, the entire roof canopy of the playground is made of flexible steel mesh that not only acts as charming, modern wind chimes but also as sun protection for the kids. 

The playground will also have a rain shelter with a free electric barbeque, drinking fountains and, on top, UV panels to store electricity for the free wifi that works within a 70 metre radius of the playground. Friends joining you for a picnic playdate but realised your phone has run out of batteries? Don’t worry, there is a solar tree where you can also charge your phone while you wait for them to call.

Look out for the completed Aurora Entry Statement coming to Aurora in early 2017.