Meet the Aurora Community Association


Meet the Aurora Community Association


Once upon a time a group of neighbours in Epping North and Wollert started getting together regularly to chat and discuss ideas for how they could improve their local area. Their idea was to create a community of residents by organising local events and get togethers, advocating for the interests of the area and providing a social network for new neighbours to come and meet new friends. Thus in 2009 the Aurora Community Association was officially incorporated.

Today the residents of Aurora are lucky that Aurora Community Association organises a huge volume of events and community projects and is one of the most active community organisations in Victoria. This is a place where it is easy to find like-minded people who live just around the corner from you and to be involved in your local neighbourhood.

The Aurora Community Association organises several events throughout the year for residents including a free multicultural afternoon with face painting, barbeque and live performances and music, a Kids and Bubs market and regular free coffee and chat sessions.

Aurora Community Association also has a really comprehensive website that can tell you everything about what’s going on in Aurora from local Country Fire Authority (CFA) fire warnings to who to report to if you see a faulty street light. This is a good place to start if you have questions about anything to do with living in Aurora. Their website address is www.aurora.asn.au.

And don’t forget the best way to be involved in the Aurora community is to join and support the community association. Aurora Community Association is always happy to welcome new volunteers in any capacity from joining the executive committee to fundraising to advocacy to simply helping to organise a coffee morning.  

To be involved email Aurora Community Association on [email protected].