City of Whittlesea Mayor Cr Stevan Kozmevski



Cr Stevan Kozmevski has lived in the Whittlesea area for nearly 50 years. He grew up there attending Thomastown Primary and Secondary Schools and over the years he and his kids Elizabeth and David (now grown) have enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle exploring the local native flora and fauna at the many waterways and waterholes. He tells the residents of Aurora why he and his partner Lenche still love the City of Whittlesea and all its natural beauty.

“Since the day we moved to Thomastown in 1968 I have loved the journey and experiences that I have shared in my life with the people in the City of Whittlesea. It is this journey with so many great people that has made me to be the person that I am.

I had the pleasure of living here in the open spaces and enjoyed my times playing along Edgars Creek and discovering all the water holes in Thomastown and Lalor. Today all the waterholes are gone – those were the homes of the growling grass frogs and the birds that use to gather at the waterholes.

It is this great experience of growing up that has made Whittlesea my home.

Today people can still enjoy the waterways in City of Whittlesea. To this day I still love when I get a chance to walk along Edgars Creek or Merri Creek as there are some beautiful spots along the Merri and one of them is Galada Tamboore as there is nothing better enjoying the gifts of nature.

Another gem is the Quarry Hills and this will become the crown jewel in the City of Whittlesea that everyone can enjoy and will be very popular with our residents in years to come.

Today you can enjoy coffee with a friend at Epping Plaza, Westfield or Uni Hill as they all have great coffee shops and [there] is a buzz in the evenings.

Or if you would like the quiet, tranquil surrounds of the Plenty River go to Farm Vigano and enjoy a cup of coffee with a meal and enjoy the sounds of the birds in the Plenty Gorge Parkland.

Unique to the City of Whittlesea are our river red gums and Council has been able to protect these trees that have made their home here for hundreds of years and cannot be found in other parts in Melbourne.

What makes Whittlesea to be a better place is the blending of our cultures into our community. Whittlesea is a place that respects and accepts people of different cultures and we each want to live in harmony so that we all become better people and learn from one another.”