Northern Hospital & Aurora’s Baby Boom


Did you know Melbourne’s North is experiencing a baby boom? There are 63 babies born every week in the City of Whittlesea. In 20 years (2036) there will be 37,000 more children in the City of Whittlesea than there are today – this is a 78% increase). This means that if you are thinking of starting a family, Aurora really is the perfect place to set up home. And you can rest assured that the Northern Hospital is only 5 minutes away. Here is a snapshot of the services you can expect to take care of you and your brand new family at the maternity ward of The Northern Hospital.

The Northern Hospital

The Northern Hospital is specifically set up to care for expectant mothers from pregnancy right through until after the birth. They also have specialised Young Mothers (for mums 19 years old and under) and Aboriginal maternity services.

You can choose whether you prefer your pregnancy to be managed by an obstetrician and midwife, General Practitioner (GP) and midwife or through the Midwife Care Program. There is also a Pregnancy Assessment and Day Stay Unit where patients can get their monitoring, assessments and any required testing done before returning home.

The Northern Hospital offers maternity patients a range of rooms to suit your preferences. You can opt for a private single room or otherwise to share a two or four bed room.

Once you’ve returned home, a midwife will come to visit to ensure you and baby have a smooth transition into your new family life.

If this is your first time delivering a baby in Australia, it’s worthwhile checking out The Northern Health and Kangan TAFE’s Exepcting Help website that explains how the Australian healthcare system works, how to prepare for hospital and what to expect when you bring baby home. It is available in English, Arabic, Mandarin and Turkish languages.