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Development Updates at Aurora

Welcome to the Aurora Development Update. 

We are excited to share the latest updates on your thriving neighbourhood.
The next year will be a big year for Aurora residents with new playgrounds, landscaping, roads and retail all opening and growing. 

If you have any questions about anything in our update, please reach out to our sales team here.
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We aim to update this webpage quarterly, please reach out to your sales team if you'd like more detailed information on your stage.
As your lot gets closer to settlement, you'll receive the necessary updates direct from your sales team. 

Information provided below correct as at 22 November 2022 and is provided as a general guide only.

Aurora Entry Park – Garrong Avenue Image

Aurora Entry Park – Garrong Avenue

The new Aurora entry park located on Garrong Avenue is now complete.

The park is ready for all to enjoy - we'll keep making improvements to make it the best place to enjoy Aurora. 

Don't forget to check out the city views from the lookout.

George Sherwin Park Now Open Image

George Sherwin Park Now Open

The Stage 30 Reserve, also known as George Sherwin Park located south of Yarrowee Crescent and the future public transport corridor which runs adjacent to Angelsea Drive is now ready for play!

Next door to the Sherwin Rise Retirement Village, the park features play equipment, a shelter, gardens and footpath connections into the wider community area.

You’ll also find Disc Golf within the park, so feel free to tee off!

Edgars Creek Boardwalk Park Image

Edgars Creek Boardwalk Park

Edgars Creek Park is making good progress. The new boardwalks will make it easy for residents to go between Edgars Road and Stage 30.

The area is designed to celebrate Edgars Creek with walking paths carefully placed for leisurely strolls. The space also has a fitness area to be installed on the soft fall rubber in the coming weeks.

The park is aiming to be finished in September 2022.

Yann Drive Connections Image

Yann Drive Connections

Following the completion of Yann Drive unlocking stages 41-45 construction works continue along the missing link of Yann Drive.

Drainage works are now complete and progressing to subgrade works in the coming week.
This final connection of Yann Drive will allow for an additional access point to Aurora. Works are set to be completed later this year (2022).

Stage 46 Image

Stage 46

Works for stage 46 are well underway.

Final subgrade has been completed and asphalt has been laid.

Electrical works are complete and the concreting of the footpath is underway. Footpath works will be followed by the final step of top soiling your lot.

The forecast title date for Stage 46 is November 2022 – December 2022.

Stage 47 Image

Stage 47

Stage 47 is under construction with earthworks and drainage completed for the stage. Road base, kerb and channel are also complete with road asphalt to commence shortly after.

Stage 47 forecast title date is February 2023 – March 2023.

Stages 42D, 61, 63 & 64 Image

Stages 42D, 61, 63 & 64

Stage 42D forecast title date is Feb to March 2023
Stage 64 forecast title date is July to September 2023. 

For stages 61 & 63 we are pleased to share that civil works have been awarded and works are to commence soon.

Stage 61 forecast title date is May to June 2023.
Stage 63 forecast title date is May to July 2023.

We will continue to provide more updates as more information is received. 

Site Maintenance Image

Site Maintenance

Aurora presentation is important to Lendlease. We are regularly conducting site clean ups around the development to ensure the project is free from rubbish and hazards.

If you notice any rubbish dumping on council nature strips, please report this to council using the Snap Send Solve mobile app.

All residents are also entitled to free hard rubbish collection twice per calendar year. To book in your hard rubbish collection head to the council website here.