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National Tree Day

We’re just as passionate about nurturing our parklands and ecosystems as we are about growing our community – and what better way to cultivate this than a giveaway on National Tree Day?

On 31 July, we’re giving away free trees to Atherstone homeowners. If you’ve considered branching out into gardening, now is the time!

On National Tree Day you’ll be able to collect one of two young trees on offer: a Natchez crepe myrtle or a Kings Park Special bottlebrush tree.

This initiative is a wonderful way to inject even more nature to your home and if you have children, what an opportunity for them to learn how to plant and nurture a tree, and watch it flourish into a beautiful shady canopy through all seasons - vibrant crimson leaves in autumn, and blooming flowers in spring.

Bring the whole family down! The pre-ordered trees will be available to collect from 12pm to 2pm outside the Atherstone Sales Centre on the corner of Hollingsworth Drive and Carne Street, Cobblebank. We also have activities for the kids, a musician, free coffee and sweet treats!

Top tips for deciding where to plant your tree:
• Look for sunny spots in your garden
• Ensure you have well-draining soil to avoid puddles when it rains
• Consider the view from windows. Will the tree block nice views or provide privacy?
• Think about the shade that will be cast by the fully grown tree. Are there windows that need more shade in summer? Is there a place to sit outside that would be nicer with shelter?
• Give the roots room to grow in the soil, rather than under your home – ensure at least 4.5 metres distance

More information on the young trees available:
The stunning Natchez crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei) is a deciduous tree that grows up to six metres high. Clusters of spectacular white, crepe-paper-like flowers make the Natchez a popular choice for gardens.

The Kings Park Special bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus) comes from Perth’s Kings Park and Botanic Garden and can reach four metres tall. Beautiful crimson spikes are sure to bring native, nectar-loving birds to your garden.

We will be emailing Atherstone homeowners on July 16 with details on how to secure your very own tree. So be sure to check your inbox!