7 Bike Safety Tips For Cycling Around Atherstone

Cycling is a healthy and fun way for the family to bond on weekends or after school. Taking advantage of the many bike paths around the Atherstone community will get the kids outdoors as well as keeping them active. Here are 7 cycling tips to keeping your family safe while on wheels.

  1. Stick to the designated cycling paths whenever possible.Atherstone has been designed with plenty of paths specifically for cyclists and pedestrians, so make use of them. Cycling on the road can be hazardous especially with young children who might not be aware of all the road rules or the unpredictability of other moving vehicles.
  2. Always wear a helmet. This rule should apply to all family members using any kind of toy on wheels including scooters, skateboards and tricycles for toddlers that are pushed by adults. Not only is it unsafe to ride without a helmet, it is also illegal, even if you are not riding on the road.
  3. Travel in the same direction as the traffic. This means riding on the left hand side of the bike paths. This is particularly important if you find you are in a situation where you must ride on the road – do not ride head on into the traffic.


  4. Visibility is essential. Make sure the kids are wearing bright colours so they can be seen. Lights and reflective panels on bikes as well as horns and bells also help others see and hear you from a distance. And don’t ride or scoot during times when visibility is poor such as at night or at dawn or dusk.
  5. Look out for driveways. While you might not be riding on the road, remember that vehicles backing out of driveways will still cross the footpaths and cannot hear you coming. Even the most careful driver may not see you or your child when they are distracted and reversing, so slow down and be aware.
  6. Make cycling a family activity. The NRMA suggests kids should be accompanied with an adult on any wheeled device until they are 9 or 10 years of age. So instead of sending the kids out on their own, pop on a helmet yourself and make it a family outing.
  7. Get your bikes serviced regularly. Every 6 months take your bikes into a bike shop to make sure everything is in good shape. It’s a good idea to take the kids in with you so they can be measured to make sure their bike is still the right size for them.