Community Grants


Atherstone Melton


We would like to congratulate Melton Men’s Group and Melton South Community Centre on winning the Atherstone 2019 Community Grants program. 

Melton Men’s Group

Melton Men’s Group currently use ‘The Gap on Graham’ premises in Graham Street, Melton to conduct their Men’s Group activities. The Gap is an independent youth centre that provides a range of services and facilities to Melton’s youth.

At present they use the premises 2 nights a week, which will become 3-4 nights within the next month as they commence a Youth Mentoring Program which will teach the disadvantaged youth of Melton basic life skills. 

MMG will now be purchasing 2 Portable Commercial Evaporative Coolers to place in the Gym (main activity area) of the premises which is a high roofed area of approximately 400sqm. This will allow the group to regulate the temperature within the building allowing all participants to take part in the Gap’s many programs in comfort!

Melton South Community Centre

MSCC will continue with the highly successful ‘Mini Masterchefs’ program which is a healthy cooking program for children aged 8-14 years. Children help select the menu each week as well as prepare and cook the food under the guidance of a qualified chef.  They are then invited to sit down together and eat their meal, or take home to share. The course takes place as an after school program and runs for 8 weeks x 2 hours in school terms.  

This program is currently funded until the end of Term 2, but due to many enquiries and a long waiting list they can now extend it for another two terms until the end of 2019!