Have Your Say About Melton Hospital

A Council campaign is underway to lobby for the early delivery of a new hospital in Cobblebank, near Atherstone’s new train station currently under construction.

The City of Melton is asking for a full service, 24-hour public hospital to be built, starting in 2022. If you think this is a great idea, here’s how you can make your opinions heard too.

With the Victorian State election coming up on 24 November 2018, the City of Melton has started the campaign called Build Melton Hospital to ask for dedicated funding for a public hospital to support Melbourne’s west, including great access for the Atherstone community.

Melton Hospital is proposing a 24-hour public hospital, which could include services such as an emergency department, cardiac and intensive care, acute surgical facilities and diagnostic services. 
Cobblebank was chosen as a prospective site because it is only 4 kilometers southeast of central Melton and close to the Toolern train station (due to open in late 2019). The hospital will form part of an earmarked Health and Medical precinct within the Toolern Precinct Structure Plan (PSP). 

As well as public transport rail and bus connectivity underway, the area will become a major hub for the community which other earmarked uses include; approx. 70,000sqm of retail space, food & beverage offerings, entertainment options, higher education and allied uses precinct, community civic spaces including library and emergency services precincts, commercial office and showroom spaces, sports and leisure facilities.

Mayor, Cr Bob Turner, says, “The City of Melton is one of Victoria’s fastest growing communities. In the next 30 years, our population will double to more than 400,000, making Melton as big as Canberra is today.”

According to the official Build Melton Hospital website, 20 new residents move into the City of Melton every day. That equates to 7,100 new residents every year.

 “Building a public hospital in Melton will support our growing community, provide lifelong health care and create jobs, investment and opportunity…The City of Melton’s nearest major hospitals are the Western Hospital in Footscray – more than 30 kilometers away – or Sunshine where, according to Government data, patients in emergency wait up to two hours longer to see a doctor than at other hospitals,” Cr Turner added. 

As well as the obvious long-term healthcare benefits for Atherstone residents and the greater Melton area, a Melton hospital would be an economic boost for the local community. As well as the many jobs that could be created during the construction phase, a Melton hospital would employ many doctors, nurses, allied health and supporting staff and would widen the footprint of the Melton business hub. This volume of people working in Melton every day also creates other business opportunities for local small businesses to sell coffee, lunches, gifts and services to those coming into Melton hospital.  

To get involved in the Build Melton Hospital campaign and add your voice to the call for a hospital closer to Atherstone, visit www.buildmeltonhospital.com.au or follow them on Facebook