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Why Buy A Corner Block


Corner Block


What are the pros of purchasing a corner block for your dream home? Here are some handy tips for why you should consider a corner block for your family. 

Multiple Access Points

Owning a corner block can be great for allowing for greater ease of access to your home as now you have potentially two different ways to enter the property.

If you or your spouse in handy at the DIY and likes to keep a lot of tools in the back shed, a corner block can allow you street access without having to tramp muddy boots or equipment through the front door. Coming in through a side entrance may also be appealing if you have noisy and active kids or dogs!

If you are planning on starting up a home business, a corner block means you can also create separate entrances for clients and customers versus the rest of the family. That way you can host meetings in a professional manner, undisturbed by the rest of the family.

Corner Blocks Feel More Spacious

Even if they are not actually larger than a standard block, a corner block undoubtedly has more of a sense of space. Not being boxed in by other buildings on three sides means you will feel like your property is larger than your neighbours’. Plus you may potentially also get more natural light and front garden.

More Flexibility in Design

Corner blocks offer you the advantage of two street frontages instead of one, so you can play around more with the architecture of your dream home. You may decide to make the windows down the sides larger (or smaller), orientate one of your communal living spaces towards a streetscape or spend more creative time on landscaping a front yard that more people will see.

Fewer Neighbours

A house on a corner block has the advantage of having fewer neighbours. So while you may have people walking past two sides of your house, you may also get more privacy as you are only sharing a fenceline on two sides (instead of three).