Construction Update - January 2018


Atherstone Construction Update


Welcome to the January 2018 Atherstone Construction Update


We value our customers and will provide regular updates to keep you up to date on the progress of construction at Atherstone.

Bridge Construction

Construction of the Bridge Road Bridge has commenced. The Bridge Road Toolern Creek crossing is closed to vehicle traffic. Pedestrian access over Toolern Creek remains open. Please follow detour signage in place. We are forecasting bridge opening in Spring 2018.

Ballarat Line Upgrade and Toolern Train Station

Works have commenced on the Ballarat Line Upgrade project and we’re pleased to confirm that the alliance partners will call Atherstone’s Western BACE home throughout the project’s delivery. The Ballarat Line Upgrade, including the Toolern station works are being delivered by an Alliance consisting of Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, V/Line, Lendlease Engineering, Coleman Rail and SMEC.

Atherstone Sales & Information Centre

The Atherstone Sales & Information Centre has relocated to the corner of Fenway Street and Atherstone Blvd, and is now open to the public. Visit us today.

Display Village

Atherstone’s new Display Village is currently under construction and will showcase homes from Melbourne’s leading builders. The Display Village is earmarked for launch in April 2018. Display builders include Burbank, Hamilton, Home Solutions, JG King, Orbit Homes, Porter Davis, and Simonds. Burbank display home is currently open 7 days a week 11am to 5pm, visit our website for further information.

Subdivision construction

Titles were achieved on Stone Ridge Stage 8 and Settlers Creek Stages 1,2 & 3 in December 2017. Congratulations and welcome to purchasers in these stages.

Stone Ridge – Stage 9

Kerb and channelling, installation of electrical and communication services are near complete. Concrete paving, top soil and wearing course asphalt works forecast to commence during February/March 2018. Settlements are forecast for May – June 2018.

Settlers Creek – Stages 4 & 5

Construction works are complete. Lendlease is in the process of obtaining remaining authority approvals and targeting settlements for March 2018.

Settlers Creek – Stages 6 & 7

Construction works underway include concrete paving, lot grading, top soiling and wearing course asphalt. Construction completion is on target for February 18. Settlements are forecast to happen between March – May 2018.

Settlers Creek – Stage 8 & 9

Construction works are on target for concrete paving in February and asphalt in March. Settlements targeted in May – June 2018.

Settlers Creek – Stage 10

Bulk earthworks, drainage and sewer trenching works are now complete. Forecast construction in February includes kerb and channel, installation of electrical and communication services. Settlements targeted in June – August 2018.

Settlers Creek – Stage 11

Drainage works continue to make progress. Sewer works are commencing in February. Settlements targeted in August – October 2018.

Settlers Creek – Stage 12 &13

Bulk earthworks are expected to commence in early 2018. Settlements targeted in November – December 2018.

Wilton Fields – Stage 6

Sewer and drainage installation works are complete. Kerb and channelling near completion with electrical and communication servicing underway. Settlements targeted in April – June 2018.

Wilton Fields – Stages 7, 8 & 9

Works have been awarded with construction to commence in February. Settlements are forecast to occur progressively between September  – December 2018.

Wilton Fields – Stages 10, 11, & 12

Works are expected to be awarded for construction commencement in the coming months.