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Stay Safe at Atherstone these School Holidays


Be safe


The long summer holidays make an excellent time to pack up the house and take the kids on an extended beach holiday. But how can you know if your home is safe while you’re away? Here are some tips for protecting your family home this school holidays.

Get To Know Your Neighbours

The Atherstone community is your best asset for keeping your home safe. Setting up a good relationship with your neighbours means that everyone is more invested in taking care of one another. Not only will your neighbours make great friends – they can also collect your mail when you are away, water your garden, feed your fish or alert you when they see anything suspicious when you are not home. You can go away on holidays secure in the knowledge that people around you are keeping a close eye on your property.

Use A Timer for Lights and Sprinklers

Setting up a timer system for your garden irrigation systems and a couple of lamps within the house will help keep your plants and lawn alive but also give the appearance of someone doing chores around the home.

Consider A House Sitter

Hiring a house sitter when you are going away means that someone is always home, even when you are on holidays. Not only can you ask them to walk to dog or take out the bins, it also ensures that your home isn’t empty for long periods of time.

Lock All Doors and Windows

It might seem obvious, but it’s worth taking the extra few seconds to check that every door and window is locked before you leave for holidays. Especially that side gate that you always leave open for the kids or the large dog flap in the backyard.

Take A Digital Holiday Away From Social Media

While it might be tempting to post beautiful selfies from a faraway tropical beach for your Facebook friends, this can also act as an advertisement to tell people that you aren’t home. It’s best not to publicise that your house is vacant via social media – save those photos for uploading when you’ve returned.

While you should avoid posting about your holiday on social media while you are away, you can continue to monitor what is happening in the Atherstone community from afar via the Eyewatch Victoria Police Melton Facebook page.

Register Your Absence With Victoria Police

If you are going away for a long period of time, you can register your home absence with Victoria Police here. Then Police will know to conduct regular patrol checks around your area to check for suspicious activity.

Victoria Police has extensive resources on how to protect yourself, your family and your property from crime.  Visit the following websites for more information:

Finally, the team at Atherstone has put together a helpful “Be Safe” leaflet with tips and essential contact numbers to help you stay safe over the holiday period.

You can download your copy of Be Safe here.