Your Summer Questions Answered


Family walking on footpath


What should you do if you see dangerous or unwanted wildlife in your neighbourhood? Who do you call if you see dumped rubbish in the street? And whose responsibility is it to maintain the grass on nature strips and vacant lots? Here are your most common questions answered.

Pests & Wildlife

For more information about animal pests in your area, City of Melton encourages residents to visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

If you see snakes in your area, call City of Melton immediately on 9747 7200 and they will send a free snake catcher.

Hard Rubbish

You can book one annual free collection of your hard rubbish via City of Melton. To find out more go to their official website.

If you see rubbish that has been illegally dumped in your neighbourhood, you can report it to City of Melton on 9747 7200.

Nature Strips & Vacant Lots

Overgrown lawns are not only unsightly, they can provide a dangerous hiding spot for snakes. It is your responsibility to maintain your lawns (including nature strips), even if your block is unoccupied. 

Your nature strip cannot grow to more than 20 centimetres high or you may be subject to a fine. You can find out more information at the City of Melton website.

It is the owner’s responsibility to mow and maintain the grass on their vacant lots. To report a vacant lot that is not being maintained, call City of Melton on 9747 7200.