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What Are Eaves & Why Does Your Home Need Them?


Atherstone What are Eaves


Eaves are the underside of your roof – specifically the part of the roof that attaches to and juts out from the house. They not only make your house look more aligned to rest of the Atherstone streetscape – they can also save you money.

Eaves can have a surprisingly strong effect on the overall look and feel of your new home. The style of eaves you opt for can change the entire architectural design you are trying to achieve. It is good design to always incorporate roof eaves on all sides of your house. 

Eaves will also help save you time and money. The overhang created by your eaves will direct water away from the walls and windows during the rain which means less cleaning and greater longevity in your build. As well as sending water away from the foundations, eaves will allow you to open your windows for greater ventilation even when it is raining. Eaves can also assist in reducing your cooling bills in the summer by acting as a shade barrier between the high sun and your windows. 

In the Atherstone community it is a requirement of the Atherstone Home Design Guidelines that all houses where a gable or hip roof is utilised  must have a minimum of 450 millimetres worth of eaves incorporated into all the roofing that faces any street or public open spaces (such as a park). You must have eaves over your garage doors and they must wrap at least 1.5 metres around the frontage of your house that can be seen by the public. For homes in Settlers Creek and Wilton Fields Stage 6, the eaves over the garage must wrap at least 3 metres around the frontage of your house that can be seen by the public.

Eaves are not required to sections of façade finished to a boundary or parapet.