Look At Your Land

Look At Your Land

You might have very specific ideas about how your dream home looks in your mind’s eye. But have you thought about whether your preferred piece of land will actually fit that specific house? Here are some tips for what to look out for when selecting your block at Atherstone.

What is the shape of the block?

Is it regular and rectangle or is it angular? A standard rectangular piece of land may work well for a more traditional style of home whereas a more angular block can give character and creativity to your yard. Angular shapes may allow you to create pockets for a veggie patch or a garden shed that are separate from the main backyard landscaping. Happily, at Atherstone you have the option to choose which shape of land works for you – the choice is yours.

Which way does the block face?

Generally it is best to have a north facing block to maximise sunlight in your home throughout the day. This will save on heating costs in the winter. Or, if your family plans to spend most of your time in the back half of the house, perhaps facing your backyard to the north, rather than the front of the house, might work best.

Is the a gradient or a slope on your block?

If so, you may receive the benefit of elevated views out to the horizon. Depending on how you envisage your landscaping, a sloping piece of land can also allow you greater creativity with a tiered garden or provide extra shade by elevating your trees. You will, however, have to plan for potential additional costs such the costs of excavation to level out your land and retaining walls. But don’t forget, retaining walls and cleverly planned elevated foliage can also be a pretty and unique feature and focal point.