How to Design Your Garage and Driveway


Designing your driveway


A garage door and a driveway might not seem as important as other parts of your new home. But given these spaces take up a significant part of the overall façade of your house, careful planning can make the difference between making a great first impression and not meeting the Atherstone community design guidelines.

The Garage

Your garage should not take up more than 50% of the primary frontage of your new home and each garage door cannot be more than 5.4 metres wide. If you decide to build a triple garage, remember that both garage doors must be set back from the front wall of the house. The third garage must be physically separated and set back again from the double garage and this third garage door cannot be wider than 3 metres.

The Driveway

Your driveway can be made of a number of materials including stone, cobble, concrete or clay pavers, concrete in a broom finish, coloured, exposed or with applied finishes. It can also be constructed with a combination of these.

Your driveway cannot be more than 500 millimetres wider than your garage door. No matter how wide your driveway, it must taper to match the width of the crossover allocated to your property (the paved area for cars to drive across the nature strip). It must also be at least 300 millimetres from the side boundary.

You cannot receive your Certificate of Occupancy to allow you to move into your new home until your driveway is complete.