Working in Atherstone

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Atherstone is so much more than just a place to live – there is a thriving business community here too. From small business owners working from home to our hard working builders on site putting in your plumbing, foundations, and paving the roads; to all the happy tenants at Western BACE, there are plenty of other business minded people for you to meet, right next door.

Did you know that Atherstone is a huge employer for the Melton area? Just during our construction phase alone, Atherstone is forecast to have supported over 18,000 construction jobs and 2,644 permanent local jobs between 2012 and 2026.

But even after Atherstone finishes building, Lendlease has set up the infrastructure to continue to support local businesses in Atherstone long into the future.

Rent A Workspace, collaborate, or Enroll in a Skills Course
For a start, there is the innovative Western BACE right near the entrance at Atherstone. This business incubator offers spaces for all types of local business from co-working spaces, business collaboration and innovation spaces, warehousing, to meeting rooms. Here businesses small and large can share a professional reception and optic fibre services which are all included in the price of their rent.

Western BACE also facilitates a business mentorship program to offer support to new business tenants trying to get up off the ground. Workforce training and skilling programs and tertiary qualifications are offered from the BACE by industry partners including: Youth BACE IT Careers Program (term based) delivered by Victoria Polytechnic; and Cert IV Building and Construction delivered by the Builders Academy of Australia, supporting local people to fill the industry skills gaps in the west.

To find out more about renting a work space at Western BACE email [email protected]. To find out more about training and skilling at Western BACE go to www.westernbace.com or www.buildersacademy.com.au

Network & Join the Local Business Directory
Melton Business Directory is an initiative run by Council’s ‘Venture Melton’ to assist with advertising and spreading awareness about local business Joining the directory means you will have access to other like-minded business people and the opportunity to participate in local events to sell your wares.

Venture Melton also offers business networking events which is a great opportunity to come face to face and exchange ideas with your peers.

To join Melton Business Directory email [email protected].

Set Up Your Start Up At Home
If you’re thinking of setting up your business at home, it’s super easy in Atherstone. There are 50 registered home businesses in the Atherstone community already – that’s one in every 12 households. Part of the reason for this is that it is very straightforward to run your home based business in Atherstone – Lendlease runs FTTP (fibre to the premises) to all properties; business marketing signage is allowed – provided you meet the size specifications, your sign doesn’t even need a planning permit.

To find out more about why you should set up your business in Atherstone, go to http://www.melton.vic.gov.au/Services/Business.

Work Locally in Atherstone
For those who want to work locally but don’t want to run their own business, City of Melton also offers the Melton Jobs Hub where you can search for advertised jobs in the Melton area.

For employers this is also a great resource to recruit new staff who live locally in Atherstone and the surrounds.

The Melton Jobs Hub also offers services and resources to assist people seeking new employment.

To find out more about Melton Jobs Hub go to http://www.melton.vic.gov.au/Services/Business/Melton-Jobs-Hub.

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