Melton Has Changed Its Names


Sometime mid this year the Atherstone community will now be living in the suburbs of Strathtulloh and Cobblebank. This is because the City of Melton has been approved to undergo a name change that will see the entire council area divided into 11 new suburbs making it 18 suburbs overall.

When these changes happen the City of Melton will now include additional suburbs by the names of Harkness, Weir Views, Cobblebank, Strathtulloh, Thornhill Park, Grangefields, Bonnie Brook, Aintree, Fieldstone, Fraser Rise and Deanside. These changes were approved by the State Government’s Office of Geographic Names (OGN) in February 2017 after a long consultation process with council and an advisory committee (which included over 16,000 votes from residents and stakeholders).

In a press release by Melton City dated 10 February 2017 Mayor of the City of Melton, Cr Sophie Ramsey, expressed enthusiasm for this change which is designed to ensure density doesn’t increase by over 20,000 residents in each suburb. It also allows each area to be recognised for its own unique offerings. “It’s very exciting to see so many new suburbs being established within our vibrant and unique municipality,” the Mayor said. “Council now has the opportunity to establish great community hubs that people aspire to live in and foster a real sense of belonging across the City.”

Atherstone in Strathtulloh

According to the City of Melton website, the new suburb of Strathtulloh (which includes some of the Atherstone community) will extend north to Mount Cottrell Road westbound along the centrelines of Alfred Road, turning northbound along Ferris Road, continuing westbound along the centreline of Bridge Road to Toolern Creek.

The western boundary of Strathtulloh will extend southbound along the Toolern Creek until the boundary with Mount Cottrell.

The southern boundary of Strathtulloh will align with the existing boundary of Mount Cottrell.

The eastern boundary of Strathtulloh will extend from Greigs Road northbound along Mount Cottrell Road until Alfred Road.

Strathtulloh has been named after a historic bluestone and mud mortar property on Greigs Road that was owned by the Henty family and is likely circa 1840s. This famous heritage building has meant the area has colloquially often already been known as Strathtulloh.

Atherstone in Cobblebank

Also from the City of Melton’s website, the new suburb of Cobblebank (which houses the remainder of the Atherstone community) will have its northern boundary align with the centreline of the Western Freeway extending from Mount Cottrell Road to Toolern Creek.

The western boundary of Cobblebank will extend southbound from the Western Freeway along Toolern Creek until Bridge Road.

The southern boundary of Cobblebank will extend eastbound along the centrelines of Bridge Road, turning southbound along Ferris Road, continuing eastbound along Alfred Road to Mount Cottrell Road.

The eastern boundary of Cobblebank will extend north along Mount Cottrell Road until the Western Freeway.

Cobblebank was a name that was recognised by the community during the consultation process as being unique.

How Can I Find Out More & What Do I Have To Do?

All residents of Atherstone will receive an information pack from Council. This will tell you what your new address is and provide you with a helpful list of who you should be passing this information on to (such as insurance companies, utilities, health and medical providers and banks). Changes to suburbs will be in name only – you will still retain your current postcode.

Download map of the new suburb boundaries here.