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What is a 6 Star Home?


Save $100 each year on average on your energy bill by opting to build a new 6 Star home rather than a 5 Star home. Why? Because 6 Star homes use about 24% less energy trying to heat and cool themselves than 5 Star homes.

The 6 Star Standard is a set of principles and rules regulated by the National Construction Code to encourage new homes to be built more energy efficient and therefore lower to their environmental impact.

A 6 Star home simply means a well planned home designed specifically to create efficiencies in how you use energy and natural resources. For instance, installing a solar hot water system, using gas where it is available, putting in a rainwater catchment tank or ensuring your builder is using energy saving lights.

But there are also other factors you may not have considered that will make it easier to help your new house be more energy efficient. Having your living area face north maximises the use of the natural sun, reducing the need to heat a home. But having a long block that runs entirely north-south may make the house too hot – which will mean more energy use in the summer.

Similarly zoning your home into different areas (for instance, all bedrooms at one end, all utilities at the other end) makes it easier to heat and cool using passive solar energy as you are only directing electricity towards one part of the house, not through the entire building.

Even the way you build your roof and the angles at which you have your eaves can help you save energy by blocking out the sun during the summer and allowing maximum sunlight during winter.

These are all factors that will be considered when your builder is attempting to achieve your 6 Star rating.

All new homes built in Victoria are now required to meet the 6 Star Standard – which just means more long term savings for you and the planet. According to the Master Builders Association of Victoria website, this means your new home will use 19% less energy than an old building.

6 Star homes are not only of greater financial benefit because of their long term cost savings to their owners, but they are of great overall benefit to the wider community. They encourage less emissions and consumption not only during the lifetime of the house but even during the construction and building phase. In other words, the more 6 Star houses that are built, the lower the impact of the entire building industry on the environment.