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Summer Fire Safety Tips From Melton Fire Station



Have you seen Jayson Hirt around Atherstone? He is your local Officer in Charge of the Melton Fire Station and has been with the CFA (Country Fire Authority) for 25 years. Before that his father was Captain of the Melton Brigade for another 34 years so he knows a bit the importance of fire safety in the summertime.

Despite the huge amounts of rain we’ve had this year, Jayson says it’s important not be complacent about ensuring the fire safety of your home this season. In fact, his prediction is that there is a greater risk of grass fires because of increased grass growth brought about by winter’s wet conditions, especially around the outskirts of the urban areas. And grass fires are typically the most common type of summer fires in Melton rather than bushfires.

So what can you do to protect your Atherstone home?

Jayson’s Tips For Summer Fire Safety

  • Clean and maintain your property now, ahead of the fire danger period.

  • If you are in rural area ensure there is access for fire fighting vehicles so they can easily enter if required.

Ensure you have access to fire warnings and advice messages. For more information go to the CFA website cfa.vic.gov.au