Sunshine Hospital & Atherstone’s Baby Boom

Baby Boom

Did you know Melbourne’s West is experiencing a baby boom? There are 43 babies born every week in the City of Melton and over 70% of the population in this community is aged under 40. This means that if you are thinking of starting a family, Atherstone really is the perfect place to set up home. And you can rest assured that one of Melbourne’s best maternity facilities – at Sunshine Hospital – is only 22 minutes away. Here is a snapshot of the services you can expect to take care of you and your brand new family at the maternity ward of Sunshine Hospital.

Sunshine Hospital

Sunshine Hospital offers a range of maternity options to cater for expectant mums from all backgrounds and with all types of needs. They even offer a specific African Women’s Wellness Program and a Koori Maternity Service.

Maternity care at Sunshine Hospital is largely handled by a qualified team of midwives that you can visit by appointment at the hospital or otherwise at community clinics. If your pregnancy is uncomplicated, you can opt to enter the Midwifery Group Practice to have the midwives look after you and your baby from pregnancy right through to those early few weeks of parenthood. If you prefer to do your medical check ups with your local General Practitioner, there is also a Shared Maternity Care service with affiliated GPs.

If the whole idea of a hospital birth scares you, Sunshine Hospital also offers a well reputed Homebirth program that is Medicare funded and will see you taken care of by one of the Sunshine Hospital’s midwives.

If you want to get a better sense of what the maternity ward looks like, the hospital conducts tours on the first Saturday of every month at 2pm. The Midwifery Group Practice also holds information sessions for new parents-to-be on the last Tuesday of every month from 6pm. You don’t need to book for either of these – just show up on the day.

Maternity patients at Sunshine Hospital also get access to Childbirth Education Classes (call 9689 1577 to reserve your place) and Preparation for Labour Classes (run by a physiotherapist; speak to your midwife for details). You will need to book to attend these classes but they can provide useful information to help you through your birth.

After the birth, Sunshine Hospital continues to look after new mums by offering a range of free support services to help you make a smooth transition into motherhood. For instance, you can enroll in one of their breastfeeding classes run by a lactation consultant. It is a good idea to do this while you are still in pregnancy so you will be better prepared for when baby arrives. You can book by phoning 8345 1727.

If you are Vietnamese, there is also a free breastfeeding guide available online at their website here.