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Profile Mayor of City of Melton, Councillor Kathy Majdlik


For over 17 years Cr Majdlik has lived in Melton with her husband Andrew, her 13-year-old daughter and her Bichon Frise called Doggy. During her time in public service Cr Majdlik has served both as Deputy Mayor and Mayor of the City of Melton. 



What do you love about Melton? 

I love the sense of community and camaraderie amongst the people. They are passionate about the area and they want to be involved in making the area a great place to live, work and play. 

It’s only 25 kilometres from the city, yet it has so many different lifestyle options (from apartment living to the more traditional house-and-land as well as rural-style options of living). It’s a great place to raise a family and it remains an affordable option for new homebuyers as well as investors. 

Our tourism is also an undiscovered treasure for other Melburnians. For example, we have some of the best local wineries, a dingo sanctuary, we have some of the rarest (and oldest) flora and fauna from our volcanic plains, as well as a botanic garden and some fantastic places to dine. What keeps me here? We have it all!

Where is your favourite place to grab a coffee in Melton? 

WestWaters (10-20 Lake St.) in Caroline Springs. It has such a great community vibe. You can always be assured that you will bump into someone you know and have a great time chatting and catching up!

Where is your favourite place to go out for a romantic dinner in Melton? 

Definitely Witchmount Estate (557 Leakes Rd., Plumpton) or Galli Estate (1507 Melton Hwy, Pumpton) in Rockbank. [They] are beautiful places to dine at. The service is always fantastic and you get great food and entertainment.

Which is your favourite public space in Melton? 

I would have to say both the libraries in Melton and Caroline Springs. They are a great community space and our residents just love them. They are not just libraries but also learning hubs filled with residents relaxing and having a coffee or just reading a book. They have been dubbed the “Communities Lounge Room”!

What is the best free thing to do in Melton? 

Take a walk or jog on the many different walking tracks throughout the area. We have some amazing walking tracks throughout the whole entire municipality with some of the most spectacular scenery. Many people are amazed that we still have so much open space so close to the CBD.

What is the one thing you would change about Melton? 

Better public transport! The State Government is finding it a struggle to keep up with the population growth. Council continue to advocate on this front (we have seen some improvement in this area) but much more needs to be done. Our residents [need to be] well connected and [able to] access public transport seamlessly and hassle free.

What makes Melton such a great community? Why should people consider living here?

Potential residents should consider buying in Melton because it has a great vibe to it, has a great sense of community and Melton Council is at the forefront in delivering quality services and infrastructure like sports grounds and facilities, great kindergartens and maternal and child facilities and great outdoor spaces for the community to grow and thrive in.

What is the future for Melton? 

There is much growth occurring both now and in the future that will see the community grow and thrive. A multicultural and thriving community is a great place to raise a family in. There are some fantastic developments such as a new Aquatic Facility as well as the upgrade of our existing Aquatic Facility, some great outdoor spaces for our community to enjoy as well as many new developments well into the future.