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Local Business Profile: Cat Napping Suburban Retreat

Cat Napping

Meet the winner of 2017 City of Melton Business Excellence Awards: Business of The Year, Ebony Centazzo. Ebony Centazzo is the founder of the cat oases and boarding service Cat Napping Suburban Retreat and a self confessed crazy cat lady. Operational since 2011, Ebony has opened three centres including the winning centre in Ravenhall, which opening in 2014.

Congratulations! Your business recently won Business of the Year at the 2017 City of Melton Business Excellence Awards. What do you think is the reason why you won?

Not only is our style of cat cages unique in the cat boarding industry, what also makes us special is we genuinely care about each cat we look after like they’re our own. We send photo updates to their owners and on social media (which owners love!), and they receive a few extra surprises for using our service.

We also have an ever-growing work experience program with over 100 students through our doors in the past six years. Many businesses don't give students this opportunity anymore, however I believe as they are the next workforce generation, they need the experience.

What benefits do you think will come to Cat Napping Suburban Retreat from receiving this award and recognition?

It will give the local community peace of mind when choosing Cat Napping Suburban Retreat. It will showcase that we can be trusted and are a recognised brand.

Why did you decide to specifically open a boarding property in the Melton community?

I needed an industrial and close area to communities like Caroline Springs, Rockbank, Plumpton and Melton. Young families are moving in, building their dream homes and they are my ideal target market. Cats don't travel well in cars, so only being a 10-20 minute car journey creates less stress on the cat as well as the owner.

What advice would you give to other businesses that aspire to win next year’s Business Excellence Awards? What are the top three priorities to consider?

Community involvement, good team morale or workplace culture and a point of difference.

Why is it important for the Melton community to support local small business?

If the community doesn’t support local business, they won’t exist in future and would go towards larger companies instead. When you support local businesses, the money goes back into the community.

What can we expect from Cat Napping Suburban Retreat in 2018?

Cat Napping is looking at franchising opportunities in 2018 as well as growing the brand to the South East of Melbourne – watch this space!

Cat Napping