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Development Update


Information provided below is correct as at March 2020.

Your Future Atherstone truly is ‘A Place on the Go’. 

Exciting construction and community activities are happening in all directions! We’re delighted to bring you our latest Atherstone update, highlighting the progress on civil construction, community infrastructure and amenity announcements. Don't forget to keep up to date on the latest community news on our website. Be sure to always check our Amenity Timeline, as this will keep you up to date on all the future amenities that Atherstone will have to offer

Due to the evolving nature of construction works onsite, please follow traffic and pedestrian signage at all times. These are in place for your safety as we progress in constructing your new community.


Traffic Education School

Scheduled to open in late 2020, the Traffic Education School at Atherstone will feature a simulated track including road signs and signals. The launch phase of the school will provide a number of bikes so that groups of children can engage together in various learning activities. The school will also include an open air classroom, as well as landscaped surrounds with communal barbeque facilities and toilets.

The aim of the Traffic Education School at Atherstone is to assist kids to develop road safety skills while also helping to improve their bike riding skills. The school provides education on all aspects of road safety, as well as encourages physical activity in a fun and instructive way. We hope that our active Atherstone community will embrace the use of this facility for family fun with a purpose of teaching our kids how to stay safe.

Wilton Fields Wetlands

Scheduled to be completed in mid-2021, the Wilton Fields Wetlands will be located in the midst of the Wilton Fields precinct, easily accessible from all parts of Atherstone.

Wetlands play a very important role in the ecosystem of an area. They are key to supporting plants and animals by providing important habitats and water sources. A successful wetland area can support a diverse range of plant and animal species.

When completed, we hope that this area will be abundant with native flora and fauna including birdlife. Alongside the wetlands will be scenic walking tracks that are perfect for jogging or walks with the family. This area will be complementary to the already completed Bridge Road wetlands and extend the green link through the Atherstone Regional Park. Image: Bridge Road wetlands.

Wilton Fields Village Park

Be sure to visit the newly opened Wilton Fields Village Park if you haven't done so already. This park features a fun climbing frame with a long enclosed tunnel slide. There is also a smaller slide for younger family members. The park also has swings and trampolines, as well as multiple lawns and some beautiful flowering plants.

This park is fast becoming a favourite among all families in the community, both young and old. The park is located at the corner of Collosseum Drive and Wimbledon Avenue.

Hollingsworth Drive update

The construction of Hollingsworth Drive is almost complete, with the finishing touches underway. This road will provide a link between Ferris Road and Bridge Road. This road connection also links to Atherstone Boulevard and will eventually form Atherstone's future project entry. Hollingsworth Drive features a wide median that will be home to numerous species of plants. We're looking forward to sharing our new green entry with you!

The opening for Hollingsworth Drive is anticipated for April 2020.

Park Edge

Stage 26

Park Edge Stage 26 has now titled - we would like to congratulate the purchasers of this stage. We are looking forward to seeing construction of your homes commence in the near future. We look forward to formally welcoming you to the Atherstone community!

Stage 27

Early works for Park Edge Stage 27 have commenced. Titles are anticipated in late 2020 / early 2021.


Stage 31 & 32

Construction of roads and services are nearing completion, with linemarking and signs scheduled to be completed within the coming weeks.

Access to site for valuations is now available. Please see our friendly sales team to book a time if you have not already done so.

Settlements are forecast to occur between April and May 2020.


Stage 33

Installation of water, gas and electricity is underway.

Settlements are forecast to occur in June 2020.