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Local Business Profile: The Organic Place


If you’re finding it difficult to do a proper supermarket shop with the kids, you’re not alone. That’s why Brooke Findley set up her online grocer, The Organic Place, based right in the Atherstone community. Brooke handpicks fresh fruit and vegetables from the markets and then delivers them direct to your home, saving you lots of time and hassle.

What is The Organic Store known for?

Our produce is fresh. We collect all our online orders and head to the wholesale fruit and vegetable markets on Thursday mornings where we handpick and collect our customers’ fruit and vegetables. We bring it out to our warehouse where we pack and then send it off to our customers’ door steps the same day. We have no cold storage (for fruit and vegetables).

What is the most popular item you sell at The Organic Store?

Our mixed bags; they contain a selection of fruit and vegetables currently in season. They are value for money for those who like to experiment with produce and bring out the cookbooks! Our customers always tell us they get so excited to see what surprises are in their order each week. It gets them inventing new dishes and learning new meals to share with their families.

All our fruit/vegetable/mixed bags come with the option to subscribe weekly and fortnightly so our customers don’t have to remember to place their order each week. The second aspect that makes these products special is, if you purchase a weekly subscription you receive free shipping, saving over $400 per year.

We are specifically an online store. We decided to build business this way to suit our young family and to help others with young families who dread doing the shopping with young kids!

Why is it important for the Atherstone community to shop local and support the small vendors in their area?

Buying local food has health benefits for your family. You know where food has come from, you have access to fruit and vegetables that you know are chemical free and you’re also helping improve the local economy.

Buying local means you know the people behind the business and their story of why they started. It also means you’re helping give your community some flavour!

What is your winter warmer special that people should be buying in the coming weeks?

Fire tonic is great in the winter months and the summer months too! But during the winter months it’s a perfect tonic to fight those colds, flus and nasty bugs hanging around. Handmade in Torquay, it’s a mix of Apple Cider Vinegar and some very spicy herbs. It’s great for immunity, balancing the bodies PH levels, metabolism, reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels - just to name a few. I prefer it first thing in the morning or on a salad and when I’m making roast pork – I love to put it on the crackling!

Special Promotion: Use the coupon code “Atherstone” to get free shipping on your first order from The Organic Place.