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Local Business Profile: Serenity Bookkeeping Solutions


Serenity Bookkeeping Solutions was one of the first tenants to move into Western BACE at Atherstone in 2015. This has proven to be the perfect way for business owner Kate McKay to separate her working life from her personal life. Now she has a professional office and, as a resident of Melton for over 30 years, she can still be close to home.

What is the best part about being located at Western BACE in the Atherstone community?

The support of being involved with a community of like-minded business professionals and the support of being a part of the accelerator program at the Western BACE has been very effective in the growth of my business

What kinds of services does Serenity Bookkeeping Solutions supply? 

My business offers bookkeeping and BAS services to small and medium sized business, together with payroll services.

I have over 35 years’ of industry experience and I am a Certified XERO adviser and a Certified Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor.

My passion lies with helping businesses that have let their bookkeeping go and have fallen behind with ATO compliance. I enjoy the challenge of getting them up to date and at the same time relish the relief of removing the stress of being chased by the ATO from the business owner. I give them back the time to concentrate on their business, knowing that their books are in good hands.

How can small start-ups benefit from using a bookkeeper? 

To be honest, start-ups should engage with a bookkeeper as soon as possible. It’s so much easier to get it right from the start and then your business will always have reliable financial reports to allow you to make very important financial decisions as your business grows

What about individuals? Do you manage personal or household tax returns? 

As a registered BAS agent, I look after sole business traders. I don’t do tax returns – that is the job of a tax agent.

When managing the books, what is the one most important thing that a business should keep in mind? 

Cash flow management and having up to date financials is of utmost importance. Today we are using cloud technology so it’s easy to keep your accounts up to date. This provides live information allowing informed decisions to be made at any time which will assist in the growth of the business.

Do you find other tenants at Western BACE at Atherstone come to you for business advice or assistance in their bookkeeping?

Yes. It’s so exciting here at the BACE. We have some amazing entrepreneurs with amazing businesses using the space now. We have various workshops and with the opening of the digital BACE, the opportunities are endless.

My door is always open to lend advice and in fact a few of the businesses are now my clients. I find the tenants at the Western BACE to be supportive and encouraging of each other to be successful in their fields.

Special Promotion: Serenity Bookkeeping Solutions will offer a FREE “health check” for the financial data of any business owner in the Atherstone community. FREE initial consultations are also available.