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Local Business Profile: SBP Creative Media


Since 2010 Dushala Chandrasekara of SBP Creative Media has been creating marketing videos for his clients. In 2016 he moved his team to Western BACE and he has been a pivotal part of the Atherstone community creating videos for the likes of local service providers such as Melton City Council, Customised TrainingBridge Aus Migration Consultancy, Affinity Design and Western BACE.

What does SBP stand for?
SBP stands for Strictly Big Productions. We're ambitious and the concept was that we only ever do big things, dream big and try our very best.

Why did SBP Creative Media move to Western BACE in Atherstone?
We were a home based business. Western BACE offered a home for us out in the west – we wanted to establish ourselves as a leader here.

We are also in a partnership with Western BACE. We built a studio and editing suite for the local business community at Western BACE and having access to this has been very beneficial for us as well.

What is the best thing about being located at Western BACE at Atherstone?
The awesome building our office is in and not having to drive for hours to get to work. This allows for our team to have a great work life balance.

We're also very excited for the future plans for this area, including the new train station and town centre.

Why is video marketing important?
Any popular media is an effective way for marketers to reach their audiences. Online video marketing is important simply because it is a very popular form of media for consumers.

Video is a very effective method of communicating. It allows for the use of text, visuals and audio all-in-one to communicate messages. It is said one minute of video equals 1.8 million words.

With the [many] distribution platforms available, online video offers amazing analytics on the behaviour of its audiences that can't be compared to some of the more traditional forms of media such as print, radio and TV.

Why is it important for the Atherstone community to support local small business?
Australia is becoming a society where, almost everyone will operate a small business as either side income or, in some cases, their main stream of income. This means conducting business in the future will become a household activity and those responsible for building communities (like Atherstone) should proactively nurture these communities to grow into successful small businesses.