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Local Business Profile: Fairy Gardening Australia


Do you have fairies living next door? You just might as retailer Fairy Gardening Australia just moved into Atherstone. They stock the country’s largest range of fairy houses, fairy garden accessories and fairy figurines so you can set up your own fairy garden at home. Owner, Kim Shaw, talks about why she has moved her business to Atherstone and why everyone needs to welcome fairies into their lives. 

What does Fairy Gardening Australia do?

Fairy Gardening Australia is a retailer and wholesale distributor of fairy garden products. Our staff are dedicated to sharing the magic of fairy gardening and offer complimentary advice on miniature garden design.

We have just set up a showroom within our warehouse at Western BACE. People are welcome to purchase in store or online through our website. Our showroom is open Monday to Friday from 10am. Our closing time varies so it is always a good idea to give us a call if you are considering stopping by later in the day.

Why did you chose to move to Western BACE and the Atherstone community?

In mid-2016 my business had reached a point where I was ready to expand and I was looking at warehousing options. I had long outgrown working from home! The facilities at Western BACE are modern and eco friendly. I was particularly impressed with the Business Accelerator Program and felt that Fairy Gardening Australia would benefit greatly as we grow and diversify.

Atherstone is a great place to be based. It is a growing and diverse community that is close to the city but feels like a country town. I love the surrounding wide open spaces. During these shorter days in winter I have an uninterrupted view of the amazing sun set across Atherstone as I finish work – it is such a beautiful way to end the day!

What are the best things about being located at Western BACE?

I love the sense of community among the people. There is a real sense of belonging and collaboration.

Are fairy gardens just for kids?

Fairy gardens are for everyone! The great thing about fairy gardening is that is expands across all age groups and skill levels. It appeals to first time gardeners, experienced gardeners and everyone in between. It is really exciting to see people who have never had an interest in gardening create green spaces in and around their homes filled with magical delights. It is educational, whimsical and grounding. We are drawn to nature and few can resist a cheeky fairy or beautiful miniature. The memories created in fairy gardens last a life time and a love for gardening is something we need to nurture in generations to come.

How do you know if the fairies have come to visit your garden?

Our enchanted visitors are naturally shy and tend to hide when humans are present, however the tell-tale signs of their presence can often be found. When you hear a bird singing, it is often to warn fairies that humans are approaching. Fairy rings (mushrooms) are one of the easiest ways to see that fairies are close by. Fairies love shiny things and you might find them missing or moved around your garden. 

What are the top 3 things that every fairy garden needs? 

The most important thing to have in your fairy garden is love. When you create a fairy garden filled with love, the fairies know that your heart is pure and kind. A fairy garden is a quiet space that honours our enchanted visitors and welcomes them into our homes. It should make your heart smile.

There is no “right way” to make a fairy garden, however, most people start with the basics: a fairy house, toadstools and a few beautiful accessories. Never clutter your fairy garden – it is important that you leave space for the plants to grow and fairies to dance.