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Local Business Profile:Discovering Strength


Being surrounded by the best support services and a network of like-minded people is the key to success in both business and life. Denise Cran, Principal Psychologist at Discovering Strength knows this all too well. She has lived in Melton since she was 2 years old and provides professional support to people with special needs. She has deliberately chosen to set up her practice in the Atherstone area at the Western BACE in Ferris Road, South Melton, to take advantage of the professional and social networks on offer there.

What does Discovering Strength do? 

Discovering Strength is an Assessment and Support Service to people with additional needs. We work mainly with children but we also see teenagers and adults. We specialise in the assessment and treatment of learning disorders, autism and other behavioural and social problems. The majority of our clients reside in the City of Melton however clients do come from Brimbank, Werribee and Sunbury. Most clients are seen at the Western BACE but we also offer kinder, school and home visits depending on needs.

Why did you decide to move your business to Western BACE? 

I moved into the BACE in March this year. I was working in a part time office and my business was growing. I was considering putting on another psychologist to cope with an increase in referrals but I did not have the physical space or the business know-how to employ someone. When I found my current Provisional Psychologist, I knew I had to make a move and the BACE provided that opportunity.

What do you like about working at Western BACE? Why should other small businesses consider moving there? 

The Western BACE offers an opportunity to meet other professionals that have expertise in areas that you don’t. The Western BACE has given me an opportunity to formulate an employment contract to employ my first staff member and have a payroll. I also have my clients greeted at reception. 

Working for yourself can sometimes be lonely if you are working from home or in an office on your own. It is nice to get out from your desk and share lunch with others, talk about your day and the issues you face. All staff are very friendly and there is plenty of opportunity for both formal and informal networking.

What is your personal favourite small business at Western BACE? 

I love LoveTEAse. Adele’s tea is amazing; I love her brand and her image. I like having a cup of her tea! 

But there are other businesses that have been so supportive of me and my business that it is difficult for me to name a personal favourite. 

Do you have any tips or advice for other budding entrepreneurs or small businesses considering starting up in the area? 

If you have a dream or a passion, go for it! I’m all about discovering people’s personal strengths regardless of disability. Anxiety can be a big hindrance to your dreams but there is support out there. I think the key to a good business is to know your client base and do what you will say you will do. Be genuine with your clients. If you do this, the work will come to you.

Did you know…? 

Low income earners may be eligible for our services free of charge. Discovering Strength is approved to provide services to people with autism utilising the DSS funding (formally FaHCSIA). It is also an approved provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (although not in our area yet). Clients can be referred to us under a Mental Health Care Plan or a Chronic Disease Management Plan. See www.discoveringstrength.com.au for more information on how to obtain referrals. Alternatively, please call Denise on 0417 543 644 or email me on denise@discoveringstrength.com.au