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Local Business Profile: 90 Degrees Digital


90 Degrees Digital is a new B2B marketing company operating at the Western BACE in the Atherstone community. A category finalist at the Business Excellence Awards run the City of Melton this year, 90 Degrees Digital was set up by Mark Nunan, a local from Diggers Rest. Here is how you can use Mark’s B2B marketing skills to help your local small business.

Why did you decide to move your business to Western BACE at Atherstone?

I decided to work out of Western BACE to get involved in the community as I generally work alone. It has been rewarding to meet a lot of smart people with incredible young businesses and interact and learn from them. The staff at Western BACE are incredibly friendly and helpful and always interested in how they can help mature your business. It’s a modern building, there's a great cafe and fellow co-workers and tenants are engaged in the developing community, which is what it’s all about. 

What is B2B marketing? How is it useful and relevant for small local businesses? 

B2B Marketing stands for “business to business” marketing (as opposed to B2C “business to consumer” marketing). There are different approaches and priorities when marketing to businesses, as the general mindset is different. If the majority of your customers are businesses, then B2B marketing is something you should consider.

It can be difficult and expensive for small businesses to establish awareness of their brand/products/services and digital marketing is a challenging landscape to engage with. The key thrust of 90 Degrees Digital is to help businesses setup their digital fundamentals – the basics – so they can start to build success from a solid base. 

What is some of the types of digital marketing work that 90 Degrees Digital specialises in?

There are two sides to my business – Strategy & Consulting and Services.

The Strategy & Consulting side focuses on assisting businesses with their strategic decision-making and tactical digital choices. We generally provide these services to larger businesses.

On the Services side we specialise in setting up Google Analytics, auditing existing Google Analytics accounts, tracking goals, SEO (search engine optimisation) and Google Adwords.  

One of the key strengths of 90 Degrees Digital is that I bring my extensive digital marketing experience successes to the business. I have had some of the largest companies in Australia as clients including NAB, Virgin Australia, Visy, Victorian State Government, Webjet, Stockland and the Essendon Football Club. I am a qualified journalist and have a MA Virtual Communications from RMIT. I also lecture at RMIT in Advertising Media.  

If there is one thing that every small business should be doing in terms of marketing, what is it and why?

Small businesses need to focus on two key elements:

  1. Having a clear and strong value proposition statement about their business. Use this for your website and all digital channels;
  2. Setting up SEO fundamentals. Organic search listings account for over 50% of website traffic for B2B businesses.   


Why should the community at Atherstone support local small business?

Western BACE sits in the heart of Atherstone and so it is great to see both entities focusing on supporting and developing local small businesses. The more successful businesses are in Atherstone, the better that will be for Melton and the surrounding areas.