Development Updates


Subdivision Works

Purchasers in Palara Stage 34 would be pleased to know that sewer, drainage and water reticulation works have been complete. The initial road pavement has been laid, and kerb works are progressing well. Electrical works are now underway, and we will be commencing footpath and asphalt in the coming weeks. We are currently targeting titles in March 2022 for this stage.

Palara Stage 35 is well advanced with sewer and drainage works now complete. Road pavement works have commenced with kerb installation commencing soon. Water reticulation works will also be commencing in the new year, before moving into electrical works. Palara Stage 35 is currently targeting titles in March/April 2022.

Park Edge South Stage 40 has recently completed sewer and drainage works, with water reticulation now underway. The commencement of road pavement is imminent. Titles are anticipated between April/May 2022 for this stage.

Park Edge South Stage 41 is currently on track to have sewer and drainage works complete by the end of the year. Titles are anticipated between April/May 2022.

Now is the time to prepare and ensure you are ready to settle immediately once your land titles to avoid delays in your construction commencement. Please contact our sales team if you have any questions in relation to settlement.