How To Fence Your Blakes Crossing Home




The key to good landscaping is to create a sense of flow from the front of the house to the street. In some cases this may mean that you want to avoid using a fence as it can block off your home façade. In other situations, a fence may help to make your front yard more practical or provide better definition.

In general, all fencing in front of the house is subject to Front Fencing Requirements.

Fencing that faces a park or secondary frontage is subject to Secondary Fencing Requirements.

Fencing that you cannot see from the street should match the standard fencing of the area and finish a metre before the front of the home building.

Blakes Crossing Front Fencing Requirements

Front fencing cannot be more than 1.8 metres in height. Materials you can use to build your front fence include painted timber with expressed posts and shaped palings or pool fence panels up to 1.2 metres in height. Fences over 1.2 metres must have a masonry pier and plinth in brick, stone or rendered/finished block with suitable timber, glass or metal infill.

Fences up to 1.2 metres high can be solid with the exception of metal. Solid metal fences are not permitted. Where a fence is higher than 1.2 metres it must be at least 50% transparent.

Your front fence may also continue around the corner to separate it from your next door neighbours but should stop 1 metre in from the façade (to return to where the side boundary fence should commence).

It is good design to add in screen planting between the sidewalk and your front fence.

Blakes Crossing Secondary Fencing Requirements

A secondary fence cannot exceed 2 metres in height. This includes any retaining that may be used. The fence element of a secondary fence may be a solid material up to 1.8 metres.

Materials you can use to build your secondary fence include painted timber with expressed posts and shaped palings or a top rail, masonry fences in brick or finished block including render and paint with suitable timber or metal infill.

Secondary should stop 4 metres from the front of the house.

All fencing is subject to City of Playford council requirements.

For more information on external finishes for your home please refer to the Blakes Crossing Design Guidelines.