How to Landscape Your Front Garden

Blakes Crossing How to Landscape Your Front Garden

A flourishing green garden is essential to maintaining the overall look and feel of your new Blakes Crossing home. It is also important because once you have moved into your house, your front yard landscaping must be completed within 6 months. Here are some helpful landscaping tips for designing the perfect front yard from the Blakes Crossing Design Guidelines.

At least 50% of your front yard must be landscaped with planted grass or gardens
A significant portion of these planted areas should include trees or shrubs that must be at least 0.6 metres tall when you put them into the ground. These plants must be capable of reaching a height of at least 3 metres.

These rules also apply to houses on a corner that have a secondary frontage. Plan your landscaping design to continue around the primary frontage and onto the secondary frontage remembering to include trees and shrubs in keeping with the overall look and feel.

Be sure to select the types of plants that are most suitable to the Blakes Crossing climate and your lifestyle.

Separate your driveway from the side boundary by using plant beds
This not only helps delineate your home but can also provide privacy if you plant trees and shrubs.

Provide an additional separate pedestrian pathway to the front door
Good design principles state that the highlight of a home should be its front entrance. Draw attention to your front door by creating a dedicated path that is separate from the garage driveway. Not only is this safer for pedestrians, it provides an additional design feature for you to landscape around.