Blakes Crossing Adventure Park

The Blakes Crossing Adventure Park has been specifically designed to be more than just a playground. It is an outdoor space deliberately created to encourage kids from around the Blakes Crossing community to interact.

For instance, to ensure inclusiveness for kids of all ages and abilities, there is a range of equipment that can be used for multiple purposes and by multiple children all at once. So kids who love to swing have four different options – a toddler swing, giant bird’s nest swing, flying fox or the more traditional “standard swing”.

The natural environment has also been incorporated into the Blakes Crossing Adventure Park – equipment has been selected that encourages kids to touch, feel and listen to gain a variety of sensory experiences. So there are scrambling boulders and well as musical orbs, stepping stones and timber logs, open lawns and a rock climbing wall. Even the two slides are built into mounds to give them the appearance of being part of the natural landscape.

In fact, the natural topography – with its multiple levels – means that far from being a clinical, mass produced and flat space, the Blakes Crossing Adventure Park has an interesting skyline silhouette which only adds scope for the imagination.

Fun elements such as three inground trampolines and a carousel add to the number of choices for kids to play.

And the play equipment isn’t just for the kids. There are also fitness stations at Blakes Crossing Adventure Park so that parents can work out while their kids play. Or make use of the walking track around the oval which links to the pathway to Bluetongue Creek.

Afterwards, pick a shady spot to set up your picnic with the communal barbeque facilities.

The Blakes Crossing Adventure Park is a community space which means it is shared with the Blakes Crossing Christian College. On school days between 8am to 3.30pm the school has use of the park – at all other times it is open to the rest of the Blakes Crossing community.

Fast Facts About Blakes Crossing Adventure Park

  • Size of the oval 12,000 metres square
  • Amount of earth moved to make the oval shape 30,000 cubic metres
  • Hours spent on earthworks 500 plant hours
  • Metres square of lawn 12,000 in the oval with 2,810 on the perimeter
  • Amount of dirt removed to flatten out park 3,000 tons
  • How often grass needs to be mowed 3 times per week in growing season
  • How the grass gets watered State of the art Rainbird irrigation system with 80 Toro 640 sprinklers, 17 stations, Toro Sentinel 36 station and just over 1,500lm of pipework