What is a Compliance Bond?


Compliance Bond


Congratulations! You have chosen your land, paid your deposit and are ready to join the Blakes Crossing community. Your dream lifestyle awaits. Make sure to remember when settlement is due, you will also be required to pay a Compliance Bond.

A Compliance Bond is a fee that you pay to Lendlease (the Blakes Crossing developer) at the time of settlement. Lendlease doesn’t spend this money – it is held safely in a trust fund for you.

The purpose of the Compliance Bond is to ensure that all the homes and landscaping around the Blakes Crosing community meet the Blakes Crossing Home Design Guidelines. This keeps consistency in quality and design standards across the entire neighbourhood to ensure Blakes Crossing is always looking great for everyone to enjoy.

The Compliance Bond will be returned to you in full once your home, fencing and landscaping have been completed. You just need to make sure these are all built in compliance with your approved Development Application. There is an example of the Compliance Bond Checklist available on page 13 of the Home Design Guidelines booklet which can be found here.