House and Land Offers


Blakes Crossing House and Land Offers


We love to share great news and we wanted to share with you the most affordable and clever House and Land designs for under $350,000 in Australia’s best masterplanned development Blakes Crossing.

We have teamed up with our builder partners to offer range of specially designed house and land offers that suit 10m (w) x 30m (d) wide lots.  This is a range of popular home designs on narrow blocks which are becoming very creative and the norm for many South Australians.  Flip through our book here

With more and more homebuyers on a budget and are seeking new ways to get into the property market.  Enter narrow lot designs, using clever, innovative design techniques, these plans maximise every inch of space.

Here are our top 3 advantages of building on narrow lot.

Advantage 1 – Very affordable

Narrow lot designs can achieve a lot of living space without the need for a huge block. Narrow lots can be more affordable than bigger lot sizes, as you don’t have to buy as much land to achieve an awesome home design.

Advantage 2 - Innovative Designs

Narrow lot home builders are designing homes that surpass people’s expectations when it comes to design features. Design elements like raised ceilings, skylights, floor to ceiling windows and indoor to outdoor living spaces are used to give narrow lot homes a sense of spaciousness while also maximising the amount of space available on the block.

Advantage 3 - Environmental Friendly 

Rather than having large grassed areas in the front and backyards, narrow lot homes tend to have porches and alfresco areas in order to maximise the amount of living space. This naturally lends itself to being a more environmentally friendly type of home as water spent on gardening and maintenance of outdoor areas is considerably reduced.

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