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Blakes Crossing Vet

Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery is well known among the Blakes Crossing community for its affordable, professional vet care open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So much so that even Lendlease’s Marketing Manager, Cathy Dalton, recently had her dogs Parker and Gryffin vaccinated there.

Dr Trevor Baker from Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery has had a long history with Lendlease developments. He opened a veterinary practice in Golden Grove back 1991 and then opened another practice in Mawson Lakes in 2005.

6 years ago Dr Baker opened Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery with fellow owner Dr Louise Bower. “Lendlease always deliver on what they promise and I did not hesitate to open the doors at Blakes Crossing. I knew this development was going to be another winner and it has not let us down,” he says.

Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery treat all types of small animals from cats, dogs, turtles, rabbits, rats, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, parrots and budgies. If it’s small, they can treat it.

And they certainly attract all sorts of patients. Once a not-so-good, 5 centimetre baby bearded dragon was bought into the clinic having recently hatched from its shell. The owners rushed it into the clinic and the staff at Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery applied warmth and love and the dragon survived to tell the tale.

Did you know that turtles can drown? Another memorable former patient at Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery was a little turtle who had been placed in a swimming pool. The little turtle swam and swam and swam, so much so that he sank to the bottom of the pool, exhausted and close to drowning. The owners bought it to the clinic, it was placed on oxygen, rested up and the little turtle lived to swim many more laps.

The purpose-built facility at Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery (established in 2011) is very impressive and can provide anything from complex medical treatment, to cosmetic grooming to behavioural management to oral care. It comprises 3 consulting rooms, 2 sterile surgical suites, a treatment area, imaging suite, in house laboratory, separate cat and dog hospital wards, isolation unit and grooming room.

There is a range of equipment including x-ray, ultrasound, IDEXX laboratory equipment, electrocautery, anaesthetic monitoring equipment and endoscope.

They offer emergency after hours services, dentistry, advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, routine de-sexing surgery, reproduction medicine, sports medicine, internal medicine, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, behaviour, exotics, on site grooming and puppy pre-school classes.

For those that need pet kennelling, Dr Baker has also just opened the Blakes Tiver Road Vet Centre and Boarding Kennels. There you can also get access to animal behaviour and training.

Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery has 25 staff members and employs 9 vets who are supported by 16 nurses and administration staff. The experienced vet nurses at Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery are far more than just support staff – they can offer basic advice on nutrition, grooming, puppy care and weight loss. Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery even employ live-in nursing staff who are available to care for and tend to the overnight hospital patients.

The vet fees at Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery are very affordable. This is why this practice is one of the fastest growing in South Australia.

Dr Baker provides sound advice for keeping our furry friends healthy and happy this winter: “Ensure they have good food and a warm bed at night.”

Once the weather begins to warm up, there are other potential pet hazards to look out for. Little puppies love to explore and have a desire to taste, chew or eat anything in their path so it’s important to provide appropriate puppy chew toys. Blakes Crossing Veterinary Surgery once treated a young pup that had a plant bulb caught in its throat. Luckily, although it was as close call, once the obstruction was removed, within 30 minutes the pup bounced around like nothing had happened.

41 Village Terrace, Blakeview, Ph: 7231 3000. Open daily 8am to 7pm. Emergency after hours assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; telephone when required.